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Designed to Correspond to the Switch Points

Switches need to be highly visible, clear, and communicate to operators. Safer switching means changing operator’s behavior. Railroad switch indicators in use today are corroding, confusing, & unclear. Simply put, they don’t indicate anything to trainmen. Operators need a switch indicator that alerts them to what lays ahead, and corresponds to what the switch points say.

The visibility of a switch target directly corresponds to faster comprehension and reaction time. THE WAY™ switch indicator is the only switch target designed with 3M DG3 reflective material and double arrows from either direction of the switch. It’s design is scientifically supported to benefit the decision making of your operators and switchmen, reflecting 60% more light than standard switch targets and corresponding to the switch points provides your operations team with the most visible and clear target on the market.


Increasing the Safety of Industrial Switching

Over 34% of all FRA reported derailments involve human factor incidents, the majority of these happening at switches. Derailments risk human lives, damage to infrastructure and equipment, and large financial loss. Any and all effort that can be made to reduce the potential of these accidents should be made. Railroads that continue to use switch indicators that are unclear and difficult to see are increasing the likelihood for accidents and derailments at every switch.

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We take the stupid out of switching.

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  • Double arrows always correspond with the switch points.

  • 3M© DG3 design reflects 3x more light than standard switches.

  • .08” Aluminum target withstands outdoor elements and vandalism.

  • Available in all standard railroad colors.

  • Available for both low and high switch stands.

The Way Brochure

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